We live in a season full of the times of endless photographs, selfies, tik toks, snaps, and more regardless if it’s a wedding, birthday, holiday, or just a night out in town…smiling for the camera always seems to be a consistent staple in our life.  Smiling for all these pictures that will probably get deleted in a week can without a doubt be tiresome. The thing about smiles is it doesn’t matter if it’s for a picture or just for everyday life…always bring a warm smile wherever you are going in life. You might be asking yourself; “What is a warm smile?” Luckily for you I have some advice on how to achieve a warm smile.

Never Ever Have Your Bottom & Top Teeth Touching One Another

When both the top and bottom teeth touch one another it can create a look of tense neck muscles that could bulge out of your skin. This teeth clenching look promotes negativity and anxiety which is the complete opposite of a warm smile. Warm smiles are smiles that promote relaxation and not stress. You want to keep a small space between the top and bottom rows of your teeth to display a more natural and softer smile…that’s a part of the warm smile style.

Stay Clear Of A Joker Grin

Yeah you know the Joker from the Batman series; don’t have a smile like him because that is definitely not a warm smile.  We know that you probably have great teeth but flashing your teeth too widely commonly feels forced and fake. The wide smile is not a warm smile, so please do not force your smile to be larger than it naturally is. Key to a warm smile is a natural smile.

Moisten Your Teeth Prior To Smiling

This aspect of producing a warm smile is very simplistic to achieve. Right before you make that smile, simply run your tongue over your teeth. When you do this you will be adding a touch of shine and brightness that will radiate some warmth in your smile. Your smile will not look dull and your teeth will look smoother, shinier, and have just the right amount of pop.

Be You & Chill

When all is said and one this is absolutely the most vital step in having a warm smile. It can be the hardest for some people but this step will help you in life for everything you encounter. Just take a deep breath and relax. Simply don’t force your smile, let loose and just do a little laugh. Your smile will now look warm and genuine. When you are being yourself your most natural smile will radiate across your face and that’s the warmth.