About Our Henderson Dental Practice

We have been serving Henderson and Las Vegas for years. We pride ourselves on providing family dentistry with a focus on your comfort and happiness. We are here for our patients in the Las Vegas area if you have periodontal disease or wisdom tooth infection, or need a root canal specialist or a temporary crown. We are also here for just a general Henderson dental cleaning and checkup to keep up that good hygiene, as well as various cosmetic dental needs from whitening to braces and invisalign.

About Us

Columbia Dental a Professional Henderson Dentist. 

  Dr. Vi and her staff aims to deliver an exceptional, stress free dental experience that is relationship based. They value each and every patient and spends extra time to actively listen and understand their patients’ needs and expectations. Treating each patient as if they are a member of their own family. Here at Columbia Dental, we offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatments, laser dentistry, root canals, modern porcelain crowns, oral surgery, permanent restorations, adult braces -Invisalign, 6 Months Smiles and brackets braces. With a broad knowledge of dental treatments, Dr. Vi is able to present multiple treatment options to address each patient’s unique dental goals.



Columbia Dental

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Phone: 702-361-0061

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