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  • Broken or Chipped Tooth
  • Knocked Out or Repositioned Tooth
  • Tooth Aches in Summerlin
  • Sore and Swollen Gums
  • Lost Crown or Damaged Orthodontics

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Once your tooth is chipped and or broken, the clock starts ticking down on getting the teeth injury and damage repaired without losing your entire tooth in Summerlin. Yes, the pain from such an accident can be horrible. Summerlin Emergency Dentists, We understand the grave importance of quick, easy access to emergency dentistry during this time in Summerlin. That’s why Columbia Dental, one of the dentists, is available around the clock to meet with her patients and provide quick, competent care for even the most severe dental injuries in Summerlin.

A dental emergency in Summerlin can happen anytime and anywhere, whether it impacts your mouth, teeth, or gums. Below are some common types of Summerlin dental emergencies that may happen to you that must be fixed quickly.

Summerlin Emergency Dentists

Types of Dental Emergencies For Summerlin Emergency Dentists

If you are feeling very bad from horrible tooth pain and are in need of emergency dentistry, Dr. Vi of Columbia Dental in Summerlin and her friendly staff are standing by to take your call. We understand how inconvenient (not to mention painful) a dental emergency can be and do everything in our power to give you a pleasant experience in an unpleasant time.

What’s Considered A Dental Emergency in Summerlin?

Knocked-Out Tooth: Often caused by accidents or sports injuries, knocked-out teeth—are a very serious form of a dental emergency. If you act quickly, an Summerlin emergency dentist should be able to re-implant the tooth. After the fallen tooth has been put back in place, it will need to be splinted, and a root canal may also be necessary.

Summerlin Cracked or Chipped Tooth: Whether you’ve taken a blow to the face or you bit down on something too hard, cracked or chipped your teeth are relatively common. If you don’t act FAST, the tooth could become infected.

Summerlin Abscessed Tooth: A tooth abscess can cause fever, covid, toothache and tooth sensitivity. In some cases, it can even be life threatening, which is why it’s so important to see a dentist in Summerlin as soon as possible. Depending upon the severity of your tooth abscess, your Summerlin dentist may decide to cut it open and let the pus drain.

Lost Filling in Summerlin: If your filling falls out unexpectedly, you should make an immediate appointment with an Summerlin emergency dentist. After taking an X-ray and discussing your dental history, your tooth will be restored with another filling.

Summerlin Lost Crown: Another common Summerlin dental emergency is a lost crown. If your crown has fallen off, be sure to make an appointment with Columbia Dental as soon as possible. Bring the crown with you when you go to your appointment. If possible, try to slip the crown back over the tooth. You can use dental cement or toothpaste to hold the crown in place until we’re able to assist you.

Summerlin Broken Braces and Wires: Broken brackets or loose wires can be super uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing extreme discomfort, you should contact an emergency orthodontist in Summerlin immediately, and they can fix your braces during your appointment.

Summerlin Toothaches: Have you been hit in the mouth or face? Do you see signs of swelling? Broken teeth, cavities, and fillings are many causes of tooth pains. Do not ignore toothaches because they can become serious. If a toothache occurs, it’s best to see our Summerlin emergency dentist right away. In the meantime, you can take some pain relievers.

Sore Gums and Swollen Gums: Sore and swollen gums can be caused by many things. No matter what the cause, it’s important you contact us immediately to make sure you don’t have the severe gum disease, periodontitis as this can lead to damage to the gums and jaw, and even tooth loss.

Summerlin Toothaches can come in many different shapes and sizes. How can you tell if your current ache and pain is normal or of urgent concern? What symptoms should I look for to see if my pain is a dental emergency? Knowing what’s a dental emergency will help you save time and money long term. Proper dental diagnosis by a good and reliable Summerlin dentist is a must. To prevent small issues becoming bigger, look for these common

Summerlin Emergency Dentists

Summerlin Emergency Dentists Signs

  • teeth that are currently loose or becoming loose
  • increasing toothache pain, pain that isn’t getting better
  • excessive gum bleeding and aching
  • noticeable swelling in the jaw
  • lingering canker sores that aren’t going away
  • constant headaches, teeth clenching and grinding
  • unexpected tooth numbness strange metallic taste in your mouth

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